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How do I get listed on Mammas Chat?

  1. Register as a user on the website.  Wait for approval of registration(you will receive an email).
  2. Once registration has been approved, you may login.  When logged in you will see a button, My Listings, at the top of the page - Click here.
  3. Now click on Submit a listing or Submit another listing.
  4. Purchase options - select Don't add to shopping cart.
  5. Enter all your relevant information.
  6. Choose a Category(if your catergory is not listed, please contact us info@mammaschat.co.za and we will gladly add it).
  7. Add a thumbnail image - this is the image that will be displayed on the business listing page(logo). Files must be less than 60 MB. Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
  8. Add a Photo Banner - this is a large photo to display as your business photo banner, size: 1920px X 600px. Files must be less than 60 MB. Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
  9. Add a Photo - this is your personal photo.
  10. Add a description of your business and click Save at the bottom.
  11. On receipt of your listing, it will be reviewed and approved.
  12. You will then receive an invoice from Debitoor depending on the advertising option which you have selected. Please see Pricing.
  13. On receipt of proof of payment your listing will be published.

In case you need premium support

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