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So you've submitted your website to the search engines, like Google and Yahoo providers, now what? Should you just wait? The answer is... no! There are still other things you can do to get your website ranking up.

Start by building 'inbound links' to your website and the best way to do this is submitting yourself to web directories that exist online. The point of doing this, is that these directory websites have what is known as a 'high weighting', which means that a link from them is more valuable than a link form a lesser known web site. Getting these high value links is important for the search engines and the more high quality links you can get, the better your ranking will be.

Because Mammaschat is relevant locally, search engines place great weight to the links from the site - Increasing SEO.

But not only this..

Directory Listings across the country are now FREE!

Only a R100 annual admin fee is applicable - If you would like Facebook exposure, please see our Pricing.

These directory listings are beautifully displayed, they include a location pin on the map of South Africa.  A quick click on the location pin and your information is displayed.

A further click on your business's name takes you to your detailed listing.

Your detailed listing includes a photo banner, your personal photo, further map details and more..

It is like having your own website within Mammas Chat.

Mammaschat also offers you the opportunity to review services and products in your local environment.

Mammaschat is a wonderful online community and we look forward to listing you on our directory.

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